Behind the Batik // Intro to Our Obsession

At AND.M, we believe that if batik could speak, it would tell us countless stories, of its vast and continued influence in Indonesian culture as well as stories of its own technical evolution. It’s because of its amazing history and skill needed that we so passionately want to share it with you through slow fashion.

Through its evolution, batik has grown and divided itself into two distinct styles of production: tulis (hand-painted batik) and cap (stamp batik). Whilst all styles are beautiful – each requiring the attention of highly trained artisans, at AND.M
we have chosen to focus on batik made in the tulis and cap methods. These continually challenge artists and often produce stunning results in their complexity and composition. Both styles have the ability to work in harmony with the other; cap, for example, creates a beautiful balance to tulis’s freedom of movement and captivates the eye instead with repetition.

Our team works closely with artists to source tulis and cap that is created by the artists themselves. It's amazing to see how an artist’s unique expression of colour and motif(s) come out on the batik. At AND.M, we want to share our obsession with you, especially as every time we see a new piece it inspires us to create designs that will brighten everyone’s day.

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