Our Designs // Bubble Skirt

Like it often happens to even the best of us whilst out and about nothing but weekend bliss and fun on our mind, that we can find ourselves caught out by unexpected plans. Calls for impromptu catch ups with the gang, tea with the fam, a message from that someone you have been thinking about.

Well…what happens if you are in your sweatpants? “*^R%*” you say to yourself … too far to go back home and change.

Fact is - These kinds of catch-ups can be the best and you can’t miss it! So - what is the usual play on answers?

“Oh, can we postpone honey?”
“Oh, but Ashley can’t make it later!”

Long story short - you bet you wished you had thought through your daggy outfit choice before! But now …

Well, every one of the team at AND.M has had this same scenario happen to them (many times believe me) and so we stopped and thought about how we can design something more versatile? Life is unpredictable, and we don’t have time to go home and change!

Ladies, drum if you please and welcome The Bubble skirt, here we have balanced our unique style between street and work-casual. Adding an element of femininity – which, mixed with the joyous artisan batik we source directly from artists is the perfect way to connect every aspect of your weekend.

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