Our Designs // Diamond Top

Do you have tops overflowing from your wardrobe? – because we sure do … all the way onto “the chair”.

And hey! Who can blame you! Those things are handy! But how many can you match with all kinds of your bottoms? From a fun skirt to classic trousers, how many do you have that can match both?

Struggling to think of what options you have? Don’t worry – that’s exactly what we design for ;).

Remember before being designers we join you as being consumers in this massive industry called fashion.

AND.M was started partly because of the frustrations we experienced shopping, the lack of variety and colours – all limitations and not what we really wanted. Ladies -You SHOULD be able to match those lovely shorts that are “impossible” to match – without going to every single shop you can think of... without the endless searching!

Often ending with just leaving disappointed and returning the shorts sadly to sit in the closet to wait longer still… AND that’s why ladies, we created the Diamond shirt.

The Diamond shirt is a chic piece we think will fill those mixed-matched gaps in the closet. The cut with its sharp structure reminiscent of cut diamonds show off the patterns and colours of the amazing hand-painted batik fabrics beautifully. This design brings out that instant smile, the sense of pure satisfaction, Finally...

But girls – we are not just designing these cuts for you. This is for EVERYONE, so please share with your friends – share the amazing story behind your AND.M design. Every batik pattern that AND.M finds has a unique story behind it. We share this with you on the website – and you can do this with your Diamond shirt, your Bubble skirt... It’s so exciting to us to share the stories with you and show you what our artists were feeling and how we all created this artisan garment.

It’s truly a brilliant feeling when you wear a piece of clothing with so much backstory, thought and effort behind its creation, and we think you will love it too.

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