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The classic slim fit shirts are (probably) the most repetitive item in every gentleman’s closet, the reason for which is obvious. However, they may seem rather dull and lifeless at times… Surely there is no excitement in choosing among the tedious single coloured or striped shirts usually on offer.

Well, there is no reason why a gentleman shouldn’t enjoy choosing from vibrant, vivid options! There is so much more one should expect from a shirt and we believe the market doesn’t give enough options. So, like the story behind the creation of all our garments we found the gap and jumped right in to solve what we felt is a real problem.

Boo & Westley Double Shot shirts are the classic shirt every gentleman needs for their daily life, be it for work or a casual weekend – these bold shirts are much more versatile than the normal old things.


The high quality 100% cotton fabric means they are comfortable and fresh all. The amazing designs by local artists in Java and Madura are hand painted with care to stand out in the crowd.

We brought this luxurious shirt to life to make it possible for men to not only look stylish but also feel confident and happy in their own skin. This not only effects the person wearing it but those around him. Walking to work you bring striking colour to people passing you by and at a party, you can feel a change come over the room – colour is infectious. Boo & Westley is a story to share… spreading the love, laughter, and memories among family and friends has always been a fundamental part of our designs and that is why with respect to the structure and pattern of a classic shirt we refuse to create monotonous and uneventful looks! We believe in the power of artisan fabric like batik to create amazing moments for the person wearing it.


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