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I am sure there are many ladies out there who have experienced that instant, willful desire to don a dress from the fairytales of our youth – this desire usually comes on in a sudden flash! A glimpse of a happy little girl dancing around – bestowing knighthoods on teddy bears. The pop of frilled colour through the shops window … Well, we have all been there, to be honest – and we love it! Don’t make “growing old into “being old” – life is for fun!

What if we tell you that our AND.M designer is one of these women? Obsessing over how to get her princess fix! She has delivered! Finally showing up in an absolutely gorgeous design called Jasmine. You know the ones, with a princess cut bodice and finished with French seams before being all gathered at the waist for a full skirt? Yes! You do know the one!

This classic sun-dress style is given added versatility with adjustable spaghetti straps, an invisible back zipper, 100% cotton lining, AND two pockets. Because – seriously we are way past the injustice of NOT having pockets in our dresses! We are practical princesses after all.

To create the Jasmine’s structure our team went through a series of trials to get the right balance between a timeless fairytale look and a stylish summer dress. We believe the volume of the skirt is just about right too, giving you a perfect feminine shape without overdoing it.

The amazing thing about this design is that while you can wear it at a wedding, you can also wear it at work matched with a jacket. Just choose your artisan painted colours and pattern and you are all set!

Remember – all our fabrics are hand-painted cotton batik from Indonesia and part of the AND.M signature collection, these artisans made fabrics are limited and unique so you will have to get in fast when you see something you like!

Next time you see your daughter or any baby girl in her Cinderella dress, just wear your matching AND.M Jasmin and feel truly beautiful and happy. That is what we admire and promote, to see our AND.M family smile confidently.

Are you ready to embrace your inner princess!

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