Our Designs // Smoko Shirt

Since the beginning, AND.M has been aware of the special relationship it has between its two home countries, Australia and Indonesia. We have put a lot of thought into a product that can show this connection - A design that not only represents both cultures but also helps bring them together.

And so, our Smoko shirt came to be.

Whilst - like all AND.M’s clothing this is created using hand-painted batik from Indonesia, the Smoko design itself is inspired by the iconic agricultural shirt from Australia. Making the concept of these men’s shirts is incredibly close to our hearts and especially that of our founder Tillie who is from a farming family.

To us making sure our gentlemen get the best feeling of comfort and style is our number one priority. By using high quality, 100% artisan painted cotton and putting time into our designs and fit we are able to achieve this sense of style and bring out the confidence of everybody. We believe that is exactly what AND.M gentlemen will experience when they get their first glance of themselves in their very own Smoko.

This popular agricultural look has come a long way since its humble beginning in the Aussie outback and this is our twist on it - with custom resin buttons and, of course, bold patterns the Smoko transforms into a modern artisan shirt for any occasion.

We have retained the design’s functionality but now a sense of style, comfort, and culture will be carried as well. With family or friends or at work, each shirt will make sure you have a big smile on your face.

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