The Amazing Women Of KIM

One of our core values at Boo & Westley is empowerment, of anybody really – but in particular, women. We believe women are truly amazing and can change the world, so when we were deciding what to do with our offcuts to reduce waste, we only had one thing in mind.

That is, we wanted to collaborate with an NPO that held the empowerment of women to the same level we do. When we came across KIM we knew we had found that. KIM stands for “Kasih Inspirasi Mandiri” which translates, in essence, to “Giving Inspiration & Independence”.

KIM shelters marginalised and/or divorced rural Balinese women, who are often ostracized in the local community. This amazing NPO inspires by providing opportunity, education, and place. And gives independence by providing employment.


Why KIM?

After working within Bali for a year to manufacture our clothing, we knew we wanted to help create a more meaningful social impact. One that could ripple through communities often hidden. Balinese culture is stunning in its complexity, and, when it comes to the rules that govern traditional marriage it is still an overwhelmingly patriarchal society. In these areas traditional social views and norms are still practiced and divorce is not seen as a viable option despite nationalized laws allowing it.  

KIM provides an important aid for these women and their families (either as single mothers or divorced women supporting their older parents). Teaching single mothers’ skills such as cooking, pottery, sewing (amongst other programs) whilst their children have the opportunity to study at KIM’s school close by. By working with KIM we see have this amazing opportunity to send those ripples out on a local level.


Where are KIM based?

They are based in paradise! Having created a real heaven in Ubud and setting roots down with a big organically run garden filled with trees, veggies, sheep, goats and chickens all of which provides quality food to improve the nutrition of the families involved.

This beautiful place that was once a garbage dump is big, beautiful and green! Using modern agricultural methods that work with the land instead of against it. It took the KIM women over two months just to remove the garbage, clean the place and start the farming process. Incredible!

KIM is now in three locations around Bali: Selasih, Gentong, and Tebongkang, supporting at least 30 women through their employment programs.


Our Collaboration

At Boo & Westley we have been collaborating specifically with the Selasih branch, which houses 15 women.

Currently, we are working with 5 talented ladies and their gentleman pattern making teacher to create our cushion covers, napkins and scrunchies. The beautiful journey starts with our design, the pattern collaboratively made by our two teams, then it’s passed over to the ladies to execute and produce the designs.

Every purchase of these items directly supports the women of KIM. We are really excited about where this will go!!



*The KIM garden can be visited by anyone! There is just a $1 AUD entry fee to help preserve the garden.

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