What’s in a label // Building A Socially Responsible Fashion Label

At the core of ANDM’S business philosophy is collaboration. We work with artists, producers, and designers from all over the world to create something bold and unique, before taking it to a global audience to be enjoyed.

For us, collaboration goes hand in hand with social responsibility and ethical practice. At this early stage of business, we are working hard to build a strong base from which to grow, and we are ever learning in this process.

Social responsibility to us means working directly with artists, seamstresses, any other producers AND consumers. Over time it will be natural that as ANDM changes and grows, so too will the impact we can have on the people and communities we work with and sell to.

For the past year, we have been building this base piece by piece. This means getting to know the people throughout region as much as possible and gaining an understanding of why they do what they do, and how.

When first researching fashion businesses, styles and, ethical models, we came across some amazing designers working closely with local artisans all over the world. One of these was The Ethical Fashion Initiative, in which global fashion houses are connected to micro-communities via manufacturing hubs. This enables designers to be directly supplied with amazing crafts, whilst also enabling artisans to work in ethical conditions.

Their model deals constructively with these types of informal sectors that talented
artisans from developing regions often work in and what’s more, it provides ‘Not
Charity, Just Work’.

We were lead to the Ethical Fashion Initiative by one of its partner designers, Stella Jean. We love the way her designs possess a structured edgy elegance that perfectly encapsulates what can be achieved using handmade, traditional textiles. For her, becoming a partner of the initiative in 2013 created the perfect grounding to challenge cultural stereotypes and bring unexpected cultural encounters together.

We hope someday AND.M can show how we design using bold handmade textiles to a wider and wider audience, where we can grow our impact. Stayed tuned this year as we develop and learn!

If you have any questions about AND.M and our designs feel free to contact us.

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