What’s in a Label // Meet Tillie

After 3 years of working closely with artists and producers in Indonesia and
Australia, after many trails and errors the AND.M team has finally dropped Season One. We’re incredibly proud of the clothing we have created. The journey we’re in the midst of in celebrating batik, its people and its cultural heritage.

In this blog series, we take you behind AND.M to introduce the people, ideas and vision - the WHY of our label.

“Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tillie Morgan and I am the founder of ANDM. I grew up on a farm in
South Western Victoria, Australia, and you may see aspects of my childhood and love of agriculture in several of my designs.

Leaving home, my experiences of the world grew first through my time at boarding school in Adelaide and later during my university studies in Melbourne. I have always loved travel and have had my bags packed and ready since I can remember. I started traveling through Asia as soon as I could, first spending a year on exchange to Japan and then backpacking through Southeast Asia on numerous trips.

Travelling across Indonesia, I was constantly struck by the colours, patterns and motifs that so eloquently described the archipelago’s diverse cultural backgrounds.

I have always loved design and fabrics, having grown up in art galleries and seeing textiles brought home from faraway lands by my Grandmother. Delving into and behind each design has always been a personal experience.

Batik stuck a cord and I instantly fell in love the incredible stories and traditions that Indonesian fabrics are built on - something I believe should be around from many, many years to come.
Stories of family, royalty, conflict and the natural world – all told with bold imagination and colour. Often the composition of different pieces will bring the fabric to life in different ways, allowing for the artists’ intentions to seep out in the emotions of each piece. I am constantly inspired by the fabrics and the people around me – I design around the fabric rather than the other way around.

To me – all this meant a natural progression to begin focusing on the development of ANDM. A love of travel, fabric, art and design coupled with a deep desire to see sustainable fashion become more available – I thought to myself ‘why not?’.

Just as important to me as the fashion is how I work with people. Everything has been grown on a central premise, that being collaboration. A cooperative approach where everyone benefits from working together to truely become empowered. The name ANDM – ‘Antar Negara Desain’, or ‘Between Country Designs’ – is a direct reflection of this. Central to the brand is the concept of social-responsibility; where Indonesian designers, producers and seamstresses benefit equitably from the process.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the designs we have for our first range. Myself and the
team have some amazing fabrics in stock for you that we will be rolling out as we
learn more about you, our customers and our talented suppliers.”

If you have any questions about ANDM and our designs please contact us.

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