Diamond Secrets (Available in size 12)
Diamond Secrets (Available in size 12)
Diamond Secrets (Available in size 12)
Diamond Secrets (Available in size 12)

Diamond Secrets (Available in size 12)

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The Diamond Shirt brings an edge to sleeveless shirt style to be worn with anything, anywhere. 

Like all Boo & Westley styles, we mix comfort with bold artist-designed & created colour. Feel empowered with strong, structured shoulders & imperial collar alongside a generous fit that gives you room to move. 

Secrets was designed & created by artists in Semarang, Central Java using 100% cotton fabric. To us, the mesmerising pattern looks like fruit on a tree. 

Hand cut & sewn by skilled, artisan tailors in Bali under fair work conditions. 

  • Semi-fitted sleeveless shirt structured with empowering triangular lines that cover all the bra bits we want to
  • Imperial collar with a folded edge at the throat with embellished with pearled bead because you are a Queen 
  • Pointed yoke at the back giving this style its Diamond name. From the point, we added a pleat, giving you comfort to move 
  • Custom resin buttons made & sourced responsibly 
  • Classic style placket down the front


Sizing tips: as we work with cotton we have developed sizing that allows for movement but retains the style's shape. Our sizes are based on our own experiences buying in the Australian fashion world.

Ladies, we want you to feel amazing in your one of a kind piece. If you try something on and you don't feel comfortable because of the fit or any reason please contact us and we can work something out.


How to take care of your Boo & Westley piece.

Bold, hand-painted - yes, but we promise, easy to look after.

We work with artists who use quality natural and synthetic dyes (responsibly) on 100% cotton fabric. These have been expertly sewn by boutique tailors, one by one – each piece is made to last. Rest assured there are no hoops you need to jump through to keep your unique piece looking amazing!

We’d like to pass on our hints and tips for caring for our pieces.


100% cotton fabrics (like these ones) will shrink in a hot wash or in a dryer. So please be mindful of what temperature you wash in. We wash ours in a cold-warm wash.

These are hand-dyed items and there will be some runoff. For the first few washes, we suggest you wash separately to make sure the bold colours here don’t share the love. This runoff will not affect the boldness of the garments.


A little bit of mindful TLC can go a long way. We suggest you -

  • Line dry out of the sun
  • For extra colour care wash in shampoo or with just salt.
  • Gentle machine wash

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us. We want you to have feel stand out with confidence in our clothing and that means backing up each empowering piece we create for you.